Together We Are Stronger

Through the partnership of these Canadian companies Retail4Good is made possible.


Hillberg & Berk

Hillberg & Berk is a different kind of jewellery company.

By empowering women to seek and achieve their dreams, we believe we can make the world a better place. The Sparkle in our products represents the unique way in which every woman sparkles. Your purchase empowers women, and in wearing and sharing Sparkle, you are an integral part of a growing movement. Join us! We’re a community of women empowering women—one Sparkle at a time.

Hillberg & Berk is a privately held, purpose-driven, Canadian company. We positively impact women’s empowerment through the success of our products and Sparkle Movement. Our purpose guides every facet of our business model—from design, to manufacturing, to the distribution of quality jewellery and accessories.

Hillberg & Berk is proud to stand with other Canadian brands and partners to help you recognize frontline workers in your community. We are honoured to make a contribution of our sparkly jewellery to bring Sparkle to those who are lighting up the world right now.


JACEK Chocolate Couture

At JACEK Chocolate Couture our core purpose is to spread joy through fine, fashionable chocolate.

We are committed to innovation, artistry and sustainability. Each piece in the JACEK is crafted using the finest ingredients, including Valrhona chocolate and our own in-house bean-to-bar chocolate.

JACEK Chocolate Couture was born of a concept to spread joy through fashionable chocolate, and the brand was launched in December 2009. Fashion is woven through the business by launching seasonal collections four times a year and having a line of artisan chocolate bars, each with its own style. Inspired by haute-couture, our team of chocolatiers handcrafts each piece with form, taste and design in mind.

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Rocky Mountain Soap Company

At Rocky Mountain Soap Co. we believe that nature provides enough simple, natural ingredients to give us beautiful and healthy skin for life.

Surrounded by nature at our homebase in the Canadian Rockies, we are unwavering in our commitment to using natural and toxin-free ingredients so you can shop with freedom knowing everything we make is safe,good for you and the planet

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KaBeN Design Group Inc

KaBeN (kãb-in) is a collaborative architecture + design firm, which focuses on sustainable architecture + residential + retail + workplace design.

What makes KaBeN unique is how we work with our clients.  At KaBeN we treat each client and project independently and work with you as if you are our first.  Each client brings a specific context, which we work with to understand and develop into a unique and creative project.  We feel creative sustainable spaces are created by fully understanding your projects needs and context.  If your projects demands more then we can offer a specific team will be created to meet your projects goals.

Contact us at to discuss how we can help you create your future.


Full Blast Creative

Full Blast Creative (FBC) is a full-service Calgary marketing agency providing expertise in website development, social media and digital marketing solutions.
We help our clients connect with their ideal target audiences through digital and traditional marketing methods, provide clarity in online communications, and expand their market reach to attract more customers and increase sales.